About the Gallery

National Gal­lery Singapore



Com­ing to you soon in 2015, the National Gal­lery Singa­pore is a brand new visual arts insti­tu­tion build­ing upon a sound found­a­tion of schol­ar­ship and exper­i­ence. Over time, we hope to strengthen Singapore’s role as a regional and inter­na­tional hub for visual arts. We will do this through the dis­play, pro­mo­tion, research and study of South­east Asian and Singa­pore art, while host­ing inter­na­tional art exhibitions.

Our future home like­wise pair rich his­tory with excit­ing mod­ern­ity. Right in the heart of the Civic Dis­trict, two monu­mental buildings—the City Hall and the former Supreme Court—will be refur­bished and reborn as the National Gal­lery Singa­pore. At 64,000 square metres, we will not only be the largest visual arts venue in Singa­pore but also one of the largest in the region when the Gal­lery offi­cially opens.



Artist’s impres­sion of the National Gal­lery Singa­pore © stu­di­oMi­lou Singa­pore 2013 / National Gal­lery Singapore


The National Gal­lery will focus on dis­play­ing South­east Asian art, includ­ing Singa­pore art, from the 19th cen­tury to present day. Through a com­pre­hens­ive col­lec­tion, the Gal­lery will present the devel­op­ment of Singa­pore and regional cul­tures, so as to tell the story of their social, eco­nomic and polit­ical histories.

While the body of works at the National Gal­lery falls largely within the area of mod­ern art, the Gal­lery strives towards under­stand­ing the col­lec­tion in new and var­ied ways – tak­ing on a con­tem­por­ary approach and inter­pret­a­tion of the devel­op­ment of South­east Asian art. The Gal­lery will look bey­ond national and regional bound­ar­ies of art, and take on a wider ambit of inter­na­tional visual arts cul­ture, research into our Asian her­it­age and cul­tural affil­i­ations, and engage with global cul­tures and discourses.