The Exhibition

Research and Critical Essays

1. Goh Tuck Hai Down­load PDF

Goh Tuck Hai gradu­ated from the Nan­yang Academy of Fine Arts in 1960. He is a found­ing mem­ber of the Mod­ern Art Soci­ety and the Nan­yang Academy of Fine Arts (Malay­sia) Alumni. He was also the chief editor of Malay­sian and Indone­sian Chinese newspapers.


2. Mar Gomez Con­ser­va­tion Down­load PDF

Mar Gomez Lobon joined the Her­it­age Con­ser­va­tion Centre in 2009 as a Con­ser­vator (Paint­ings) and Head of the Paint­ings Con­ser­va­tion Sec­tion. Mar gradu­ated in Con­ser­va­tion of Paint­ings at the School of Con­ser­va­tion of Cul­tural Mater­ial in Bar­celona (Spain) in 1999. Before join­ing HCC, she worked for vari­ous con­ser­va­tion insti­tu­tions in Spain, Italy, UK, New Zea­l­and and Australia.


3. Lin Hsin Hsin Down­load PDF

Deeply rooted in math­em­at­ics and tech­no­logy, Hsin Hsin built the 1st vir­tual museum in the world, 1994, she is a digital media pion­eer since 1985. Hsin Hsin uses a two-button mech­an­ical mouse to paint abstract or phtoreal­istic digital paint­ings, writes equa­tions to gen­er­ate 2D paint­ings, 3D digital sculp­tures, I’objet d’art jew­el­ries and digital tex­tiles. Anchored on fun­da­ment­als, this award-winning artist and poet believes and prac­tices Paradigm Shift innov­a­tions, foun­ded Eco-computing Ini­ti­at­ives in 2007 for all her digital art­works: 2D, 3D still, anim­ated and music.

Lin Hsin Hsin, a cyber per­son­al­ity, is an author of 42 books, deliv­ers lec­tures on IT and digital media in major cit­ies in the world, she has par­ti­cip­ated in more than 220 exhib­i­tions in 60 cit­ies, 26 coun­tries across 4 con­tin­ents. Her are are in private and pub­lic col­lec­tions includ­ing museums in more than 31 cit­ies. Hsin Hsin speaks, reads and writes in Chinese, Eng­lish, French and Japan­ese, her bib­li­o­graphic inform­a­tion doc­u­mented in more than 18 languages.